Eggs Benedict Challenge

March 17, 2021

Eggs Benedict 365 Challenge
Eggs Benedict has always been a staple on our breakfast menu. It has become such a feature of the 1824 House Inn + Barn that we named our dog (Bene) after this breakfast specialty.
Prior to this challenge we had created over 20 variations, but we have decided to push ourselves. We are attempting 365 days of Eggs Benedict. We are offering a new Eggs Benedict creation every day for a year.  Guests of the inn of course get to try these treats.
We are posting our daily benedict on facebook and instagram every day for as long as we can come up with ideas. Feel free to let us know if you have a style or ingredient you would like to see us try. Some days may only have some slight variations while others will be a “little out there” for some traditionalists, but here goes nothing…

1824 House is waiting for you!